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Week 4 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Week 4 was all about MONEY! So much happened this week and we learned so much, so I'm just going to get into it!

Day 1: We were joined by Western's summer incubator program, PSI to learn about Taxes. Taylor Carson from BDO came to teach us all we need to know about taxes and expenses for our business. For many of us it was a big wake up moment and how much we need to get our selves prepared for tax season. There were lots of snacks, notes and highlighters used!

Day 2: Nicole Snobelen came in to lead a Wellness workshop. This was one of our favourite so far. We got to learn about Nicole's story and the struggles she has overcame, which was so inspiring. Then we spent the rest of the morning going over our goals, stress tactics and practicing gratitude. Later in the day we all went to the London Brewing Co-op where we got to learn about the Co-op model and how the LBC got started. It was definitely a fun filled day!

Day 3:

On Thursday we had another workshop discussing financial management by one of our cohorts, Kelly Scott. It was so important to learn about book keeping and accounting basics. We are so lucky to have such knowledgable group! Next, Michelle Bogdan come in who is the Vice President of Student Services and talked to our group about our goals and how we have been benefitting from LeapIN so far, I must say it was really nice to hear all of the positive feedback.

Libro Credit Union came in to teach our group about banking and lending. There were some great discussions that came out of the workshop and we are so thankful to have Libro come in and share their knowledge.

Finally, it was Nico and Mik's time to present something they are passionate about. Nico gave us a lesson in soccer and Mik taught us about silk screening. Such a fun filled day!

Another amazing week, we are so grateful for our group and can't wait for next week!

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