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Week 9 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

WOW we cannot believe it's the last week of LeapIN, the past 9 weeks have absolutely flown by. There have been so many amazing connections made between our cohorts, community members and staff at Leap Junction. We are so grateful for this amazing group and all of their hard work. We hope they took away many lessons and tools to apply to growing their amazing businesses.

Week 9: On Monday Entrepreneurial Coach Dave ran us through the 1.80 strategy by Gary V and KPI's for our businesses. Next Cory and Romeo from media services came in to teach us about the importance of good camera equipment and where to source it from. On Tuesday we mostly just had a work period and focused on perfecting our value pitch for our wrap event. Wednesday we had our LeapIN wrap up event. All of our cohorts set up tables to display their products and services while family, friends and our eco-system joined us to celebrate all of their hard work! It was a beautiful day surrounded by smiles, laughs and a few tears!

Again we just want to thank everything who made the 2019 Summer Incubator such a success and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

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