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Week 7 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Week 7 was a medley of fun activities and team bonding! We can't believe it's already week 7 only two more weeks :( Let's try not to think about that an fill you in on what happened during week 7!

Day 1: We were joined by the incredibly talented Paula Morand. We learned how to dream BIG and be BOLD. The session was a deep dive into our businesses and how we can reach a larger audience and follow our dreams. It was so inspiring and I know a bunch of our leapers left with new ideas and ways to grow their business. One thing that Paula really touched on was the importance of connections. We are all walking away with a new found apperciation for our network. Just ask yourself what if each new connection was worth $1000, doesn't that make networking events seem so much more doable?!

ALSO, Alex from Lost in Lavender taught us how to create metal tags for her workshop, it was SO fun and we all walked away with a LeapIn pendent!

Day 2: WAS SO MUCH FUN! We all travelled down to Windmill lake for Family Day! Kyra and Tim Nixon joined us to talk about the importance of family balance while being an entrepreneur. It was such an inspiring talk from two successful entrepreneurs who also have 1.5 babies!! (Kyra is currently pregnant)

Next we spent the whole day paddleboarding, BBQing, Canoeing, Wakeboarding, and cuddling with puppies! It was seriously so nice just to get out into nature and enjoy each others company. I think it was one of our favourite days to date!

Day 3: Our week ended with Marketing Smarketing, where our Entrepreneurial coach Dave, taught the importance of marketing and developing strategy. It was a full day situation but we learned so much about how to properly market our business and create an effective strategy.

Next week is SUCH an exciting week and we can't wait to share it with you!

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