Leap Junction is Fanshawe College’s entrepreneurship center. We provide one-on-one consultations, opportunities for networking, events, and workshops for any student or alumni interested in exploring entrepreneurship. For students or alumni who wish to start their own business, Leap Junction can be a workspace and entrepreneurial hub. Additionally, we provide a summer incubator program that focuses on business-growth and in-depth education to promote the success of registered clients.


What we do:

  • support startups with one-on-one business analysis and mentorship

  • create and host entrepreneurial-focused workshops, pitch competitions, retail opportunities, and events geared towards networking and skill development

  • provide co-working space and meeting rooms for all of our clients

  • act as a link for students and youth to access investors, industry, and other stakeholders in the city

  • Integrate entrepreneurial activities into the local community and work with a vibrant ecosystem that supports local entrepreneurs

  • LeapIN summer incubator which provides seed funding, mentorship, programming, and co-working space for a selected cohort


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Entrepreneurial Curator

Kelsey Currie is a lover of learning and fostering community. Throughout her career she has worked in youth programing, recreation, health care, social services, education, and research and has found aspect of them all that that loves. Kelsey acts as our Entrepreneurial Curator, bringing together entrepreneurs to help each other and ensuring there are adequate resources available to support students and staff to focus on entrepreneurship; she handles the administration of Leap Junction, please feel free to contact her with any management issues. Her favourite thing about working with entrepreneurs is there amazing attitudes “Entrepreneurs don’t come to you with just problems or complaints, they come to you with the solutions, and that is refreshing!” Kelsey holds  two Bachelors degrees, one in Molecular Biology and Genetics and the second in Adult Education, a post-grad certificate in Community and Social Services Management, and is currently in progress of completing a Masters of Adult Education and Community Development. Outside of Leap Junction, Kelsey loves to travel and has visited over 20 countries; she loves to spend time outside with her family and dog!

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Entrepreneurial Coach

A jack of all trades but perhaps master of some. David is our entrepreneurial coach at Leap Junction. David grew up on the shores of Lake St. Clair in Windsor, Ontario but has lived, travelled and worked all over Canada. He has a love for the outdoors, a thirst for adventure and a passion for the water and for board sports. He got the entrepreneurial bug young, and started his first company in 2006. Now he is now co-owner of Ontario’s first Cable Wakeboarding facility, Boarder Pass, which started in 2010 an in 8 years has grown to 3 locations and established a successful events and non-profit arm. He is a graduate from both the University of Windsor and Fanshawe College, participated in our LeapIN summer incubator program, has a background in Kinesiology, coaching and athlete development, sports business management, and marketing. But where his passion truly lies is in helping others with personal development through coaching and skill building, both as athletes, fellow coaches and as entrepreneurs.



Outreach and Events

60% Humour. 40% Iced Coffee. 100% Herself. Jenny manages outreach and events here at Leap Junction: You'll often find her playing giant Jenga at student fairs, or designing graphics to boost our social media game. As a graduate of the Public Relations program at Conestoga College, Jenny dove into her career in the nonprofit sector with a passion for communicating, event planning, and designing. After almost three years of engaging, learning, and creating at Pillar Nonprofit Network and Innovation Works, her interest in entrepreneurship brought her to her position at Leap, and has since inspired her to explore entrepreneurship more thoroughly with launching the beginning stages of her business J Baxter Creative. As a dedicated board member and performer for Shut the Front Door Improv, Jenny hopes to continue infusing her creative passions into her work, no matter what job it may be.