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Week 6 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Week 5 was all about social enterprises and how to make a positive impact with your business at innovation works.

Day 1: We travel down to Innovation Works this week and had such a blast and we can't wait to tell you all about it! We started off with a tour from Sienna Jae Taylor. Next, we learned about Social Enterprise 101 with Julie Forrester. This was a really interesting view point and we also learned new ways to incorporate it into our businesses. Next, we were joined by a few members of the Libro Incubator for a Social Enterprise Panel Discussion. Very interesting to learn more about their brags, drags and their business' ventures. Very inspiring!

Day 2: We spent the day in solutions lab, our day consisted of a Stakeholder Analysis workshop for Community Collaborations with Julie Forrester. Next, Julie taught us about the Flourishing Business Model Canvas. Our group got so many takeaways from this and we can't wait to apply these new tactics to our business. The day ended with a Guided Meditation with the London Mindfulness Community. We got to enjoy our lunch outside at Covent Garden Market which was so lovely.

Day 3: Our morning started with Yoga with London Mindfulness Community. Next we learned about Diversity & Inclusion in Business with Dharshi Lacey. Next we went to the Chef's Table in London for lunch, for a team bonding afternoon. It was so fun!! We are so grateful for Innovation Works having us and we learned so much this week!!

Next week is SUCH an exciting week and we can't wait to share it with you!

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