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Week 1 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Updated: May 13, 2019

We are SO excited that our favourite time of the year is finally here, our summer incubator program LeapIN! We have 13 entrepreneurs in our space for the next 9 weeks. We will be teaching them the ins and outs of their business with the help of some amazing community members and our own personal knowledge. We have a wide array of businesses but we have already watched the collaboration between the members begin (This is our favourite part!).

Day 1: It was like Christmas morning with all the LeapIN swag laid out for everyone while we eagerly awaited everyones arrival. We started the day off getting to know one another, with a few ice breakers and fun games. After an AMAZING lunch catered by the Pierogi Queen (who was in our incubator last summer, full circle!) we focused on Goal Setting. Kelsey went over how to make a specific goal and Marley went through a Dreamlining workshop inspired by the 4-hour work week. We ended the day laying out what the next 9 weeks will look like and everyone got really excited!

Day 2:

Our day started out learning about the personality dimensions MBTI, Laurel and Larissa from Career services came in and taught us about the strengths of our personalities. It was very interesting to learn about what makes people tick and how we can collaborate by playing with everyones strengths. After that we went to the photography studio and look our famous leaping photos! Suzanne has a containable energy, and made our afternoon!

Day 3:

Rachel from R-Traction came in to teach us about the Hero's Journey, this focused on story telling and WHY we started our business and WHO our customer is. It was a very interesting and eye opening workshop and all of us are leaving with some new business ideas and learned more about our business. We also learned what a B-Corp is and why it's so amazing. Next Nicole Snobelen came in to lead our Brag and Drags, where everyone talks about something positive and something negative happened during the week and we all provide each other support.

What an AMAZING first week, we are so pleased with our group and already can't wait for next week.

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