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LeapIN 2020 - Week 7

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Can you believe it is the last week of LeapIN 2020! We certainly cannot! The time has just flown by and we are so excited for all of our cohort members! The team here at Leap Junction is going to miss our cohort when they go but we are so proud of everything that they have accomplished over these 7-weeks, and we look forward to watching their success as they continue to grow!

Day 24- With full knowledge that this was our last week together, we spent some time today focusing on our Life After LeapIN! We were joined by six of our community partner organizations this morning! Each of them shared a little bit about their services and how we could connect with them as we looked to grow!

We were joined by Nicole and Josh from Propel Entrepreneurship at Western University, Laura and Thomas from Libro Credit Union, Sarah from Futurpreneur, Kathleen from Shopify, Brittany and John from London Economic Development Corporation and Brab and Collen from Downtown London! These amazing partner organizations helped us to understand what our next steps might be as we continue to grow after the accelerator finishes!

Day 25- Today was all about the law! We had a full day of legal considerations and we got started early with Nicole from the City of London who shared with us some information on bi-laws and local licensing! Next, we had a facilitated fire-side chat with our friends at DealPrep! Thomas and Adam shared with us some information about Founders Agreements and how we could use them in our businesses. We also got signed up on their amazing library of business contracts which, will help us as we grow! Finally, Micheal from Siskinds LLP joined us to discuss business law and answered a bunch of our questions about the legal considerations of our businesses! Thank you so much to all of our legal professionals for their knowledge!

Day 26- Our last day of workshops! We played a lively game of 'two truths and a lie' to start the day! Some of our cohorts have done some interesting things! After the game wrapped up, Kelsey lead us through a review of our goals that we set in week 1! It was fun to see how some of them have changed and some of them we have achieved! Finally, we took some time for ourselves and focused on our wellness; Kristen from Soul Runners taught us about healthy habits and we all took some time to do a beginner yoga Video together! We ended the day in a place of zen as we prepared for our Demo Day, tomorrow, where we would get to share our businesses with the world!

Day 27- Demo Day! No programming this morning as Coach Dave, Kelsey, and Andres wanted us to get ready for the afternoon when we would have to pitch our businesses and answer questions. We all jumped online at about 1:30 to do a quick run-down of the event and then started up at 2:00! Kelsey, Andres, Dave, and Darlene all had wonderful things to say about us and the program, then it was our turn! We had each recorded a 2-4 minute video showing off our business! It was so fun to see what each of us had made and the audience loved them! After the video pitches, we each had our own 'rooms' where people came to ask us questions, it was so nice to see their reactions to our businesses! We wrapped up at about 4 p.m. and went to a private room so we could say goodbye. Check out the video of our demo day HERE!

LeapIN 2020 has been full of joy and challenges! From not knowing if the program was even going to run, to pivoting to an online program; it was all new for everyone! But, it was full of joy! We made new friends, new connections, and our businesses grew as we grew! Keep in touch with us through the links below to see what we're up to over the next few months and reach out if you have any questions!

Tyler from Celebration

Sharlene from Real Model Mom

Jared from JR Welding

Swaraj from Taxably

Christine from Qualia Hub

Kelly from Studio KVR

Aaron and Omar from Nitro Route

Kristen from Soul Runners

Chris from Bernese

**You can find more about them on our social media @leapjunction!**

If you'd like to learn more about LeapIN or Leap Junction, book a virtual appointment! Or, feel free to send us your questions and comments at!

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