LeapIN 2020 - Week 1

LeapIN 2020 is finally here! We are so excited to have our favourite program up and running again. Due to COVID-19, our program looks pretty different this time, we are 100% virtual and have cohort members spread out around Ontario as they participate in this program. We pushed the program back into July with the hope that we would be able to meet in person by now, unfortunately, that was not to be, instead, we build an amazing online program!

We have 12 sensational companies joining us this time around! Our cohort is listed below.

Tyler from Celebration

Sharelen from Real Model Mom

Jared from JR Welding

Swaraj from Taxably

Christine from Qualia Hub

Kelly from Studio KVR

Aaron and Omar from Fastrack

Jesse from The Hot Sauce Co.

Maxwell from Face Two Face Vintage

Chintan from Greenovation - Eco Dinnerware

Kristen from Soul Runners

Chris from Bernese

**You can find more about them on our social media @leapjunction!**

Day 1: We started by welcoming our cohort to the program! We had Annette Markvoort, Manger of Innovation Village, and Darlene O'Neill, Director of Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services at Fanshawe College welcome our new team! After everyone introduced themselves we took a tour of our online platform (more information on that coming soon!) and signed everyone up on our GrowthWheel system. We are very excited to build a respectful, open, and growth-focused online community so we spent the last part of our day reviewing Zoom etiquette with Andres and Professional Practices with Kelsey. After a long day, our team was all onboarded and ready to dive in tomorrow!