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Why You Should LeapIN to Your Dreams

At Fanshawe College, we’re all about education, and our work-study student, Michelle, is here to teach you two lessons you never knew you needed:

1. Who are Alicia McCarvell and Darcy Michael?

2. What makes them the #FalconAwesome choice to speak at our upcoming event: LeapIN to Your Dreams!

If you are like me and living under a rock, then you may not have heard about either of these talented and highly influential people. Luckily, as social media influencers they share their entire lives on the internet- which made it easy to round up everything you need to know about these two!

Darcy Michael

Best known for his stand-up comedy on Crave “Darcy Michael goes to Church”, Darcy is from Ladner, BC where he spends his days alongside his husband Jeremy and their family: their dog, their daughter, and a few dozen adopted house plants.

Darcy has been in the comedy scene for nearly 15 years, and has also been acting in TV series such as “Spun Out”, “Lucifer” and “The Twilight Zone”. After watching hours of Tik Toks and YouTube videos I have compiled a few fun facts about Darcy:

  1. Darcy’s love for plants extends far beyond his green thumb, where you can often find him enjoying a “special” plant that is totally legal here in Canada… but often makes him forgetful, which lead to the famous “Pop Quiz with my Stoner Husband” viral TikTok series.

  2. Not only an accomplished actor, Darcy now co-hosts his own podcast “Highschool Sucked” which covers all your basic gossip from high school life.

  3. Darcy was diagnosed later in life with ADHD and often shares his experiences and struggles so other neurodivergent folks can relate and feel celebrated.

To start learning more about the facts I touched on, click the button below to get you started down the rabbit hole.

Alicia McCarvell

With over 4 Million followers on TikTok and 615K on Instagram, Alicia’s rise to fame was quick and is still growing! She participated in a TikTok trend called “My boyfriend is hotter than me, check” and the video went viral. When you start watching her content and scrolling through the comments, you can see that remains a common theme…but I think Alicia is very attractive- not just in her looks! Her purpose in life is to encourage self love and worth at any size. Her content is very funny, entertaining and often adult (not for little ears!) Here is what I’ve learned from stalking Alicia:

  1. Alicia quit her job at age 31 to pursuit content creation full-time, and resides in Halifax, NS. She authentically shares her life with her husband Scott, whom is her high school sweetheart.

  2. Alicia has participated in multiple opportunities demonstrating the beauty of self-love, including a marketing campaign with Penningtons and headlining The Bod Con as a keynote speaker.

  3. She plays Call of Duty and streams on Twitch, building up the gamer girl community.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Keep learning more about Alicia and show her your love:


Alicia was recently a guest on Darcy’s podcast- get a sneak peek of their energy here:

Have we piqued your interest and want to know more about these Canadian content creators? Submit your question when you register for the event:

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