LeapIN Highlight Reel: WEEKS 4 & 5

In this recap of LeapIN weeks 4 and 5, the cohort gets “into the thick of it” as we analyze our market and competitors, discuss intellectual property, and dive deep into branding and digital marketing!


Day 10 | We started the week off joined by our friend John Galbraith! You may know him from his role at Tech Alliance, but for this session he wore the hat of Co-Founder of The ZonedIn App: the world’s first real life video game to learn how to skateboard. John shared the story of how their app became the global leader in skateboarding social networking applications.

Day 11 | David walked us through some of the different types of intellectual property, and

Jaime Holroyd from Siskinds Law Firm talked to us about the legal framework for patents, trademarks, and copyright!

Day 12 | This session was all about reaching the market! David gave us an introduction into the power of branding, and George Ridout shared some marketing strategies with the group. Here’s one of our favourites:

"EMAILS ARE OLD - BUT THEY'RE STILL COOL (like Dave!)" - George Ridout

Day 13 | This day was full of energy and creativity with our extended crew! The entrepreneurs were introduced to the team of Creative Assistants who will be assisting them with some marketing materials over the next few weeks.

Our first guest speaker was Katelyn Landry who did a deep dive into establishing your brand, and guided our cohort through an activity of creating brand avatars!