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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 8

 Welcome to an exciting week at LEAP! We've been learning about revenue models, digital marketing, and soaking up creativity from talented folks like Samantha Carter and Dave Moynihan. Plus, Juhi Mistry treated us to a delicious Indian lunch!

Day 22: Strategies, Scribbles and Hearts!

On Tuesday, Nick led a workshop all about revenue models and pricing strategies. His advice really helped the LEAPers figure out how to boost their income and nail down the best prices for their business.

Later on the day, Samantha Carter from Scribbles and Hearts, one of our entrepreneurs from this year's cohort, shared a sneak peek of her art business with us. We had a great time experiencing her painting workshop!

Day 23: Advertising

On Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a relaxing meditation session led by another LEAPer from this year's cohort, Joseph Barker: owner of Moonlight Farms. His calming presence set a tranquil tone for the day ahead, allowing us to unwind and reflect.

Dave Moynihan, the owner of Cottage Pottery Studio, joined us for a fireside chat, engaging us with valuable insights into entrepreneurship and recounting his personal journey and experiences as a successful business owner in the pottery industry. He gave our cohort a glimpse into the business we'd be visiting later in the week!

Trust me Aunty in the house!!! LEAPer Juhi Mistry, who is part of Trust Me Aunty, hosted a delightful lunch for the LEAPers, treating them to a spread of traditional Indian flavours and dishes. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to experience the rich culinary heritage of India firsthand.

George Ridout is back! During the workshop, George focused on teaching us how to create and publish advertisements on platforms such as Google Business and Meta. He covered targeting the right audience, crafting compelling messages, and measuring campaign effectiveness. His presentation was informative and practical, equipping us with the skills needed to achieve our marketing goals effectively.

Day 24: Financial Projections

At the end of the week, Dave led a workshop on financial projections for the LEAPers. In the session, everyone got to try out different things like pricing, salaries, marketing strategies, and managing expenses. The main aim was to see how we could create a business that's financially strong and sustainable. It was a hands-on experience that really showed us how these choices affect the overall success of a business.

To end the week with some extra fun, the LEAPers went on our annual trip to Cottage Pottery Studio. They jumped right in, letting their creativity flow as they molded clay into unique creations with the help of the studio's instructors. It was a relaxing and enriching experience that allowed everyone to unwind and explore their artistic talents.

Wrapping up this incredible week of LeapIN, we're geared up with new skills and inspiration. From practical workshops to cultural experiences, we're ready to take on new challenges in our entrepreneurial journeys. Here's to applying what we've learned and forging ahead with confidence!


Guest speaker George Ridout pulled up this gem to demonstrate what happens when creativity meets a hefty marketing budget!

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