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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 3

This week has certainly been rich with learning experiences, ranging from mastering the organization of business ideas to selecting target market segments, and understanding the unique impact of each company.

Day 7: "Mapping out your success"

During the first day of week three, the entrepreneurs learned to create a business model in which they learned to better develop their ideas regarding pricing, market segmentation, their services, among others. Another thing they learned during David Ouellette's workshop was about the value proposition, that is, identifying and creating the solution to a problem for a specific type of segmentation.

Day 8: Every Company has an Impact

Today we had the pleasure of having Simon Dunford sharing with us about branding and design, especially for small companies or those that are just starting out. It was a good time during which the LEAPers could also learn a bit about how to improve their business. After lunch, Julie Forrester talked to us about the impact that your company can make. Every business has different types of impacts, from personal to environmental, in the community, or direct impacts. It's always important to ask yourself, "What impact do you want to make?"

Day 9: Early adopters

During the third day, Nick Hlymbicky taught the LEAPers that identifying early adopters is crucial. Essentially, they needed to empathize with these individuals to understand what they could offer them. How do you recognize early adopters? Despite their differences, they must consistently search for commonalities. It's about pinpointing the problem they can solve and sell to them.

This week, the LEAPers had the opportunity to attend conferences with incredibly valuable information to help them begin organizing their businesses and thus achieve success!


"Getting stuck with our emotions was a good thing because that also help us to prepare to be open to improve" -Thalia Vianna Silva

"I feel more secure of what I'm building and what is the public that I'm looking" - Juliana Pessoa

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