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leapIN 2022 Features: RKease

Hello! leapIN 2022 is in full swing, and we are so excited to introduce you to our cohort of 20 unique businesses and entrepreneurs. We will be sharing the story behind each business here on our blog, every week!

RKease | Rashidi Kabamba

Rashidi Kabamba, for short RK, stands for Resilient and Kindness. These are the two core values that I live by and embody. In business and life you need to be able to overcome your trials and adversity with a sense of inward calmness, and be kind enough to solve world issues with empathy.I am creating this business to help the well-being of employee and entrepreneurial workplace stress so that people can be more productive, efficient, and healthier in their work and lives.

My business produces corporate wellness programs to better employee well-being, engagement, and enhance creativity and innovation skills. The industry my business will operate in will be tech industry and I am currently transitioning from ideation phase to an early stage start-up. My goals are to get 10-15 clients for my first year and impact the London community as much as possible.

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