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Week 3 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Week 3 was all about sales and networking and this was our first week travelling outside Leap Junction!

Day 1: James and Anita from Tech Alliance came to Leap Junction to teach us about Business to Business sales. We learned a lot about how to sell to other businesses and what tactics do and don't work. The rest of the day was filled with snacks, coffee and business planning.

Day 2:

On Wednesday we travelled to Tech Alliance to visit the MVP labs and learn more about business to customer sales. We worked on perfecting each other's sale pitches and how to drive sales. Next, we had our first cohort presentations, Alex taught us how to brand our business and tactics to help improve our brand. We got to learn about Alex's journey with his art collections and many other cool things, thank you Alex it was an amazing presentation! Next Shannon from Diamond Studios showed us how to change a tire.... IN HEELS!! It was actually so helpful and interesting. Between both presentations I know everyone learned something new!

Day 3:

On Thursday we had a very special guest speaker, Gui for our customer service workshop. Gui has build a multi-million dollar business on the principle of giving the best customer service possible. We had a round table discussion on what being a successful entrepreneur means. Some of our favourite quotes from this workshop were:

  • Be memorable

  • Don’t be beige 

  • The grind everyday is the most important thing - act and think 

  • People buy from people they trust

  • Be persistent and consistent

  • The struggle is in the climb

  • You define success

  • Adversity doesn't build character it reveals it

We finished the week off by heading to CTRL-V a VR arcade in London, owned by one of our previous LeapIN incubator cohorts. What a fun time!!

Another amazing week wrapped up! We are so excited to see everyone collaborating so much already!

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