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Week 2 of LeapIN at Leap Junction

Week 2 was all about planning and research, we had three long days of learning, collaborating and discovering, there was a lot of coffee consumed!

Day 1: Our entrepreneurial coach Dave, took us through the business model canvas and our value proposition. It was very interesting to dive deeper into our business, uncover missing opportunities and new potential customer segments. This workshop was so valuable and something we will be thinking about for the next 9-weeks!

Day 2:

On Wednesday we had a special visitor Ethan Lang from the City of London come to our office to teach us about the city's bi-laws and regulations to make sure we are running our businesses in a safe and legal way. There were so many valuable take aways from this workshop!

Next, Todd Kanik came in from the business school to teach us about the importance of market research. We started off with an activity, the goal was to build the largest free standing structure with only paper, rope, scissors and tape! We learned that in order to create a successful product we DO need the help of others. As a business owner having qualified market research is SO important which is very evident after this workshop.

Day 3:

Our day started out with a lovely visit from Donna and Paula who work in Fanshawe's library. We learned HOW to get data from the Canadian census and from online programs. We are so thankful to have access to these resources. Next we had the centre for research and innovation come in to teach us about the grants that are avalible to us as small business owners. A lot of amazing ideas came out of this workshop and we hope all of our leapers continue with their ideas! Finally Kelvin from the Fritter shop joined us for our brag and drag to finish up the

Another amazing week wrapped up! We cannot wait for sales and networking next week. Two weeks done only seven more to go!

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