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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 7

The LEAPers had an action-packed week diving into activities aimed at boosting their entrepreneurial skills and overcoming their fears. From guiding each other through obstacles, to reaching new heights on the ropes course, they also learned how to better connect with their customers and received practical tips to ace business interactions.

Day 19: Affinity Maps

The LEAPers wrapped up their interview analysis by creating an affinity map that showed patterns like emotions, problems discussed, communication methods used, and areas they could improve. This map gave them a clear picture of what stood out and what needed attention, helping them figure out their next moves.

Day 20: As a Team

On Wednesday got the LEAPers involved in an ask-and-share activity, encouraging them to ask for help and share their expertise with the group. One of the greatest parts of the LeapIN program is the community built within the group. It's important to have people you can lean on!

We were joined by Kelsey Currie, who usually manages Cooperative Education and LEAP Junction (but is currently off on maternity leave!), who shared her expertise with the group around professional communication. Our entrepreneurs got some great tips on how to communicate effectively as a business professional while utilizing appropriate communication channels. Kelsey shared practical advice to help them boost their skills and confidence in professional settings, making it easier to connect and succeed in their careers.

FIELD TRIP TIME! We pushed our entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone and took them to "new heights" as we explored The Factory together, confronting our fears while navigating the ropes course and supporting each other through every challenge! It brought the cohort a little bit closer together knowing there are other people who experience the same challenges, and that you have people around you to support you through challenging times!

Day 21: Pitch Time!

At the end of the week, Dave led the group through several workshops on sales pitches and fostering creative brainstorming sessions to boost their professional skills. We capped off these sessions with a fun game of DISRUPTUS, giving participants the chance to practice pitching and brainstorming creatively within the context of their own businesses.

With a mix of deep dives into interview data, engaging workshops on communication and sales pitches, and some adrenaline-pumping team challenges at The Factory, the LEAPers levelled up big time. They're not just learning the ropes—they're strengthening their teamwork and gearing up to make waves in their entrepreneurial journeys.


"I've learned about generating solution from every angle, stretched my creativity and helped me with my business insights." - Ajay Mandani

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