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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 6

Throughout this week at LEAP, we've focused on empowering our community with valuable insights and practical skills. From Donna Sevenpifer's talk on funded research to Jenny Baxter's workshop on social media strategies, each session offered essential knowledge and actionable advice for driving growth and innovation. These discussions underscore LEAP's commitment to equipping entrepreneurs with the tools needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Day 16: Research!

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hosting Donna Sevenpifer, who delivered an engaging talk on funded research. She highlighted the diverse types of research that LEAPers can perform to benefit their businesses. Donna delved into the specifics of various research methods and funding opportunities, offering practical advice and examples on how to effectively utilize these resources to drive business growth and innovation. Her presentation underscored the importance of research in making informed decisions and staying competitive in the market.

Day 17: Social Media for Small Biz.

On Wednesday, one of our staff members, Jenny Baxter, presented a workshop on utilizing different social media platforms for your audience and content planning for your business. Jenny Baxter, recognized for her expertise as our Outreach and Events Extraordinaire, shared valuable insights and practical strategies during the session, emphasizing effective engagement and content strategy tailored to business needs. Furthermore, with the assistance of one of our LEAPers, we concluded the workshop by having Thalia Vianna from Compasso Social Media share valuable tips and tricks on filming videos and creating reels with the rest of the cohort.

Day 18: Pivot or Persevere

The LEAPers presented their "Pivot or Persevere" findings, illustrating the evolution of their businesses since joining LEAP. Their narratives highlighted not only the growth achieved but also the strategic shifts made following the insightful initial round of customer interviews, showcasing their willingness to adapt and commitment to continuous improvement.

The results were remarkable! Some gained clearer guidance on their path to success, while others discovered unexpected insights into their businesses. These revelations highlighted the invaluable impact of their participation in LEAP, fostering newfound clarity and strategic direction in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Now passing the halfway point of the LeapIN program, our guest speakers have delivered invaluable insights on research funding and social media strategies. Armed with this knowledge, we're poised to propel our community forward in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

“ ... so many like minded people and everyone is so supportive, I am glad that I didn’t give up after being rejected once. “ - Mba Anthony

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