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LeapIN 2024 - The series - Week 5

Welcome to our latest update of our LeapIN Business Accelerator! Week 5 was an exciting journey for our cohort as they embraced both enjoyment and growth in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Let's delve into how they made the most of this time, balancing fun and career development along the way.

Day 13: Interview Checkpoint

During day 13 at LEAP, a significant checkpoint marked the culmination of interviews conducted by LEAPers to deepen their understanding of the market and gain valuable insights into their product's landscape.

Day 14: Why do most companies fail?

The entrepreneurs engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the multifaceted challenges that can undermine the success of business plans, including issues like insufficient market analysis, ineffective resource allocation, and failure to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Lights, Camera, and Smile! Our most awaited exciting opportunity for these business owners as they stepped in front of the camera to proudly present their products and services. This photo session captured the essence and innovation of each budding business within the LEAP program, setting the stage for their journey ahead.

Thank you to our photographer, Leo Cavallini for stepping in at the very last minute when our original photographer had flight delays!

Day 15: A whole lot of networking!

Thursday we had the opportunity to bring together some past and present LEAPers for an entrepreneurial showcase during a visit from our funders at RBC. It was a great opportunity for the current cohort to meet other entrepreneurs who have been on the same journey! Later on our crew headed over to Tech Alliance's annual Summer Shaker event to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and expand their professional networks.

"Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." - Juhi Mistry

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