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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 4

And we start week 4! Time has passed very quickly and the LEAPers have more and more things to do. During this week, the cohort learned a lot about the differences between interviews and surveys. Also, many had to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone and do some activities like speaking in front of a camera. Beyond all that, there were also very exciting moments!

Day 10 : Interviewing action plan

The LEAPers dedicated significant time and effort to fine-tuning their business model canvas, meticulously identifying the early adopters within their industry. This strategic approach was crucial for them as it laid the groundwork for targeted customer interviews, enabling them to gather invaluable feedback and insights essential for their business growth and development.

Day 11: Customer interviews

The LEAPers delved into interviews, working to understand what questions are crucial and why they matter.. They wanted to make sure each question served a purpose and helped them understand their customers better. It wasn't just about going through the motions; it was about really connecting with their customers to learn what they needed and what mattered to them.

Day 12: Surveys vs Interviews

As the week draws to a close, these entrepreneurs learned the difference between conducting an interview and a survey, as well as the pros and cons of each. Additionally, they took the time to practice their pitch, which for many wasn't easy. However, many of them have developed incredible friendships that allowed them to boost their confidence.

Indeed, the days have flown by, and on the 11th day, it was PAY DAY for our LEAPers! We want them to understand how meaningful and thrilling this is for us, just as much as it is for them!


"My biggest take out of this week is noticing how important is to be in a supportive community that has similar purposes and mindsets." - Lily Yagmur

"This week has done wonders for my confidence and resilience by encouraging us to reach out to people and really get to know our customer base. I feel better about moving forward with my business, and any venture I may make in the future" - Roman Pittock

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