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LeapIN 2024: The series - Week 2

Updated: May 29

During this week at LeapIN, participants focused on essential entrepreneurial skills. They learned to set clear goals, approach others about their ideas and businesses, and manage the emotions tied to failure. Additionally, they gained insights into digital marketing, market selection, and pitching. This week was a transformative experience, fostering growth and skill development for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Day 4: Launching is easy, selling is hard.

And this is how we start the second week in the LeapIN.

Facing failure can evoke a myriad of emotions like anger, sadness, and fear, especially for entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of launching a business. At LeapIN, participants delve into understanding and managing these emotional responses during the second week of the program. Through discussions and exercises, they learn to embrace failure as part of the entrepreneurial journey, developing resilience and healthy coping mechanisms to propel them forward towards success, especially since failure is an integral part of the process of learning and improvement.


Day 5: What’s my vision? Who am I?

During the second day, the leapers learned the essentials of goal-setting and how to structure their objectives effectively. They also tackled the task of defining themselves and articulating their vision for their business, ensuring clarity and alignment with their entrepreneurial aspirations. Additionally, we had a guest speaker, George Ridout, who taught us about digital marketing and helped us develop our Facebook pages to be able to run ads! It was certainly a very interesting session in which we had a lot of fun and also learned some new tips and tricks.

Day 6: Introductory pitch.

On the third day, the leapers had to step out of their comfort zone with an activity in which they had to deliver an introductory pitch about their business and how to approach people. They also learned about selecting a market that relates to their business idea.


"This week at LeapIN, I learned about how to approach people to talk about my ideas and business. Also, during this week, I learned to develop my goals and have them clearer." - Paula Rincon

"If we hadn't entered this program, we wouldn't have put as much effort into our project as we are doing now, and I like it." - Shivam Sharma

During the second week of the LeapIN program, participants encountered a series of goals and challenges. It became apparent that failure wasn't just about losing; instead, it presented an opportunity for invaluable learning experiences. Additionally, they discovered that failure can evoke a range of emotions, but it's a normal and acceptable part of the learning process. We're learning and growing!

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