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Submit a 2-minute VIDEO PITCH of your business idea for a chance to win $1500 in prizing!

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Do you have a bright idea for a new business?

Need funding to get it off the ground?

Are you a current Fanshawe College Student?


MVP is our annual virtual business pitch competition. Students submit a 1 to 2-minute video pitch showcasing their best business idea for a chance to win a maximum of $1500.

We welcome applications from all current Fanshawe College students: any school, any program, and any campus.


Not sure how to make a great pitch video?


We have you covered. We will provide educational workshops and coaching sessions to help you create a pitch that you can be proud of and is sure to get our judge's attention.


There will be a winner awarded in each category (Product or Service), plus a “Fan Favourite” will be selected based on the highest number of votes received during the online voting period.

Read on to learn more about eligibility criteria and how to register.

~ Good Luck

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HOW TO WIN $1500




Prizes and Categories

Best Product



Best Service 






Important Dates

Nov 7 - Dec 9

Submission Period

Nov 23 & 24

The Perfect Pitch Workshop with Q and A Sessions

Dec 9

Submission Deadline

Dec 13 - 18

People's Choice Voting

Dec 19 @ 4pm

Award Announcements

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register for one of two

Pitch Perfect Workshops

Join us IN PERSON OR ONLINE and learn what makes a great business idea pitch in this two-hour educational workshop with business advisors David Ouellette and Nicholas Hlymbicky from LEAP Junction.

November 23, 2022 from 12 pm - 2pm

November 24, 2022 from 12 pm to 2 pm

Eligibility Criteria
and Conditions

  1. All participants must be current students of Fanshawe College.

  2. All people in a pitch video must submit a signed Video/Photography release waiver for the pitch to be considered.

  3. All pitches must comply with the Student Code of Conduct.

  4. All videos must comply with the current London/Middlesex Public Health Guideline, specifically surrounding COVID-19.

  5. Fanshawe College provides accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If an applicant requires accommodation during the MVP Competition process Leap Junction and Accessibility Services will work with the applicant to meet the applicant's accommodation needs. Please allow ample time for interpretation services.  Request it early.

  6. If you have any questions please email us at


All MVP pitches are to be targeted at your customer and will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Who Are You?: Did they introduce themselves and their program?

  2. Target Customer: Is the target customer clearly identified?

  3. Problem/Need: Is the problem or need of the target customers clear and is there a real problem or need?

  4. Solution: Is the proposed solution (your product/service idea) clear?

  5. Market Potential: Is the size of the industry identified in size (units) and/or $$$?

  6. Uniqueness: Does the solution solve the problem or satisfy a need in a unique manner compared to any alternatives or potential competition?

  7. Benefits and Features: Were the overall benefits and features of the product/service identified clearly?

  8. The Ask: Did they ask the audience to take a clear action?

  9. Clarity and Communication: Is the overall presentation clear and was it communicated well?

  10. WOW Factor: Was there anything that really stood out and impressed you? Did they tell a story? Cool editing or video? (bonus points)


More clarity on each of these criteria is explained in the Perfecting Your Pitch workshop further below.


In order to ensure your video can be shared, we will require all videos to meet the technical specifications below.

  1. Your video must be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

  2. Your video must be 500 MB or less.

  3. Your video must be submitted in an .MP4, MPEG, or AVI format.

  4. You must include a signed Video/Photo Release Form with your video submission.​

If you have questions about your video file please email

Resources to
Help you Prepare

Examples from
the Pros