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Naza Ria Manual Book

In Australia, the Kia Carnival went on sale in 1999, with a standard 5-speed manual and 2.5 L V6 producing 177 hp (132 kW). A 4-speed automatic was optional. In 2001, it outsold the Toyota Tarago, becoming the top-selling minivan in the country. It was a sales leader again in 2004 and 2005 when sales peaked at 5,259 units.

Naza Ria Manual Book

In certain markets, Kia offered the minivan in both wheelbases (e.g., in North America, Australia) or in other markets, simply as the short-wheelbase configuration (e.g., UK, France). Globally, the minivan was offered with four engines as well as manual and automatic transmissions.

The second generation Sedona was the second top selling large MPV in the UK market, and in 2010 received a new grille, new equipment (including a reversing camera built into the rear-view mirror) and a single engine choice, a 192 PS 2.2 CRDi inline-four replacing the 183 PS 2.9 CRDi.[16][17] The second generation was marketed in three trim levels (1, 2 and 3) with a 5-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic gearbox. Trim level 1 included air conditioning and electric windows. Trim level 2 received alloy wheels, rear parking camera with the display incorporated into the rear-view mirror, and climate control. Trim level 3 added electronic stability control, leather seats, heated front seats, power tailgate and powered folding door mirrors.

The second generation Carnival went on sale in Australia in January 2006. Initially, the long-wheelbase 3.8L V6 5-speed automatic Grand Carnival was sold alongside the previous generation 2.5L V6 Carnival, until the second-generation SWB Carnival arrived in August of that year, available in both 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic, and new 2.7L V6 engine. Both models sat 8 passengers. A 2.9L turbo diesel engine was introduced in the Grand Carnival in March 2009. In June 2010, the Carnival and Grand Carnival underwent a mild facelift, the manual transmission was dropped from the SWB model, and the LWB model received a new 3.5L V6 and 6-speed automatic. In 2011, the SWB Carnival was dropped entirely, while the LWB model gained the new 2.2L "R" series diesel engine, replacing the previous 2.9L engine. The Carnival was Australia's best-selling people mover between 2007 and 2013.

This manual is definitely just for simple set up and configuration; you can obtain more details and advanced directions when making use of the associate software program. To assure you have got the most recent information, make sure you go to our website and download the latest manual and present software version. If you have got any problem that you cannot resolve during use, please contact your certified dealer.

the price for this small compact car is very competitive,again the quality and reliability is a major concern. let's wait and see whether naza has done enough to improve and modified the car to suit the severe malaysian weather.. anyway, i am more interested in the coming model nx02 basing on peugeot 206..

About the pricing, i think it is reasonable considering a kelisa manual is around 35k. Spec-wise totally outclassed by sutera. Perodua need to use gimmick like kelisa imago to push out their old stock. Come on perodua u can do better than that. And don't talk about quality of kelisa coz it vibrates and rattles terribly like iswara only after 2-3 yrs old. Some even vibrate after only 2 months. Just observe any new kelisa's exhaust next time at traffic lights and u can see it.

u get the same super spec with naza motorbike (also chinese rebadge), but it only last 3 mths before serious problem start to happen. Cannot last from Klang to Gombak, the bike need a rest. The sad things is that the mechanic recommend total engine change.

3. if u turn off the engine, dont forget to turn off your radio first. My SA told me to do so when i pickup my car. I dont trust him. On the second day (the day i am driving my car to the workshop to fixed the problem that cause my car flooded with raining water) i forgot to turn off the radio, after 2 hours, when i press the blue alarm button to open my car, it only make sound, but the car is not opening. I tried for about 10 times. still the same. I have to open the car manually. start the engine and let the battery recharged, then only the alarm is functioning back to normal. Told the service centre about this problem, they claim WHERE GOT! When u off the engine everything will turn off. But why my SA and the service centre have different version of story? Well.. the conclusion is, there might be bug with the radio or the wiring. Not sure.. will give more review on this matter next time if problem occur again.

BTW, do you naza sutera owners know that tow service is free if your car breaks down during the warranty period? And if you are a cash buyer, make sure your dealer does not charge you RM50 being HP ownership claim fees.

Yes, some of the parts are a bit flimsy. Someone knocked into my left side mirror and now I can't control it from the car (I had to come down and turn it manually). And sometimes the back door can't be opened with the key (seems a common problem) but this doesn't really worry me as I am more concerned about the engine and other aspects. The audio is also good and if you compare the dashboard to other cars, you will like what's in the Naza Sutera. It's also spacious compared to the kancil which makes me feel clautophobic. About the pick up, it's a bit slow and you might have to press more on the accelerator but like what Armada said, it's because it's a smaller horsepowered car.

Well if you read carefully in the manual you will notice it mention about the catcon present in Sutera exhaust system. Thus it is ultra-sensitive on lead content petrol ie RON 92 grade. I am baffle why even NAZA ppl did not highlight about this 'green' feature. The leaded petrol can choke the catcon and so can affect the fuel-injection engine also. So it is highly advisable not to use RON92 petrol anymore. I think the China model does not have this catcon feature.Looks like we have to wait 3 years to remove this catcon in order not to void the warranty.

Guys, my review alone had caused a lot of my colleagues canceling the booking. One of them already planned to get the car for his future wife straight away switch to Perodua MyVI and he makes a wise decision, otherwise sure he will suffer from the car and his wife to be.

hi you still looking naza sutera 2nd hand..i am the owner of naza sutera GSI 1.1 model.. year 2006mileage 35ki want to sell my car rm14k..if interested, pls contct me. tq

saya punya naza sutera pun ini macam. lagi teruk sekarang saya punya clutch terbakar lagi, sangat bau hangus. teruk sangat.saya hanta pergi ke NAZA di miri SARAWAK untuk check dan service, meraka cakap mereka tidak jual sutera. meraka panggil saya hantar ke daeler sana untuk check.saya sudah tukar 4 clutch cable sudah.

why you guys buy this car in the first place? stupid.. learn your lesson and never buy anything from naza anymore.. tell your friends.. buy 2nd toyota or honda or nissan more reliable.. long term ownership cost pun lagiiiiii murahhhh

There are a lot of sources to help you troubleshoot DTCs. Vehicle-specific repair manuals and databases are the best sources because they have detailed repair instructions as well as helpful diagrams and illustrations. Online materials such as how-to videos, blogs, and online training tools are also quite helpful.

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Visit the on-line store, known as they have the best repair manuals they have books on repair, service, parts info, troubleshooting, error/fault codes diagram etc everything. Naza ria wiring - Kia Cars & Trucks question. Right now the Naza Sutera 1.1 litre only comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, but an automatic variant is coming soon.

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