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Another quick plug before I jump into the questions - make sure to listen to ANNcast this week, co-hosted by yours truly! Since I was a podcast virgin before we recorded there's quite a few moments in the show where I seem to literally die until Zac pokes a me with a stick, but all in all it was a fun time and should make for a great episode. Be sure to check it out, if you like podcasts and you like anime, because it is definitely a podcast about anime. And swearing.

I have a question about "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and Bandai's release of it a couple years ago. On anime forums, I've seen users say that Bandai's Haruhi release was an unforeseen flop that did not perform as well as Bandai expected it to. But then I've also seen people listing it beside Cowboy Bebop as one of Bandai's few great hits! I'm so confused. Did this show do well or was it a turkey in sales? Who's lying to me? Does anyone actually know the real story here?

For the life of me I can't remember the exact quote, and a quick internet search doesn't seem to help much, but I'm pretty sure I know the line from which all this confusion is spreading. Somebody on the production side of Bandai Entertainment said something to the effect of, if even one-eighth of the people who downloaded the fansubs of Haruhi had bought the DVDs, the anime industry would literally be "saved."

That's a little spurious reasoning, I think, because for one thing, good sales of just one title won't be enough to "save" anything. And that's even if the anime industry is really in need of "saving" anyway, and there's been a whole lot of hemming and hawing over that subject already. And secondly, the Haruhi DVD sales are good, and are perfectly in line with the usual standards of success in the anime DVD market. Was it a sell-out, blockbuster, million-dollar hit? Well, no, but they had no reason to expect it to be.

...Unless, of course, they expected the DVD sales to be alongside the same astronomical numbers that the fansubs were being downloaded. And I think we all remember, those three years or so ago, when Haruhi Suzumiya was the officially-sanctioned New Anime Hotness that everybody was talking about, everybody was watching, and everybody was super excited about. Just existing on fansubs alone, Haruhi was the talk of the anime world. But, the mistake in reasoning here is assuming that DVD sales are going to be on par with a free fansub download.

From there we can argue until we're blue in the face about why the DVDs didn't sell as well as the fansubs were downloaded - from the "Oh, well, Bandai clearly didn't do enough marketing to the anime hardcore in order to convince them to give up their fansubs and buy the DVDs" to the "the fansub kiddies are just leeches and scoundrels and don't know the true worth and value of things" route - but I think the simple math is pretty hard to ignore. Fansubs are free, DVDs aren't. Haruhi sold well on DVD; it truly did. How well? I don't know, and the only people who do know for certain are still working at Bandai, and they would very quickly no longer work at Bandai if they were to leak that information.

A while ago someone posted a topic on the anime forums I used saying there was an English Dub for K-ON! So first I checked ANN to see if their was a cast list, and since there is none I assumed there wasn't one. So the person told me to download this episode and I did, what I found was a pretty awful English dub. I didn't know this but apparently Animax Asia makes English Dubs for distribution in Asia or something along those lines.

Next we have to consider that the market is flooded. I recall a time when my local bookstore had just one shelf of manga. Today manga takes up almost 10% of the store (and it's a rather large building). Not every title on all those shelves can be expected to be a big winner - there's simply too much junk out there. It's pretty similar to what happened with the anime industry; there was a mad dash to put out as much stuff as possible without giving any consideration to quality or overwhelming consumers.

I think this is a very tough question. Piracy is evident in just about every format of intellectual property, and the piracy itself seems to follow a few standard paths. For anime and manga, it's fan-created amateur translations distributed largely by word of mouth. But each stream should be treated differently, even though they flow through the same channels. Fansubs and scanlations are legally very similar, they are often frequented by the same consumers, but the driving forces are not the same. Fansub viewers praise a quick turnaround, high resolution, proper timing, and from time to time have arguments about translating certain sentences. Scanlation readers value the same rapid response and resolution, but timecodes are obviously irrelevant, and translation is not transparent to the reader.

I think all of this stems from a common problem and it is not unique to manga or anime production: impatience. Everyone wants to have a massive blockbuster or market, like the Dragon Ball Z era and the manga boom that followed, but they don't want to wait for the next surge of popularity; they want to make tons of money right now. The problem is people haven't had as much money to devote to their hobbies recently, so sales in EVERYTHING has gone down. My advice: be patient, endure the tough times and hope for the next big wave.

Speaking of which, posted an interesting article concerning that: -overlooked-anime-series.html . In short, this author thinks that Bakugan might be setting up a new generation of anime fans just like Pokémon set up our generation to hit Toonami and Adult Swim or check out the anime and manga sections of their local stores. Now, I'm not prophesying anything that is for certain, but I do think something may be coming. Things like these come in waves: there was one in the late 80s and early 90s because of Robotech and Akira, another in the late 90s and early 2000s because of Pokémon and DBZ, maybe we're at the valley of a 10-12 year cycle right now and something could be coming in the next little while. (IMHO, if handled well, Fairy Tail could be that next step all these Bakugan kids take!)

What I suggest is: keep a small amount of them as a special edition for the hardcore collectors. For the rest of them print them at regular massmarket size, do it with recycled and bleached paper and give up on the color pages, then price them lower.

The problem with manga is that it's expensive. Not in the same way that anime is expensive, though; when I buy anime, I usually feel like I get my money's worth. With manga, though, I'm usually paying around $10 for something that I can read in an afternoon. If I'm standing in a book store, why would I settle for the latest volume of Bleach when I can go a couple shelves over and spend the same $10 on a novel that will last me a week's worth of afternoons? Essentially, I see manga as a collector's item: it's designed for people who want something permanent, something that they can hold onto. These people don't care that the money-to-time ratio sucks, they just want something that looks pretty on their shelf, and they're willing to wait for it to come out. The manga industry is slow as molasses, sometimes taking months to release a single volume of a given series. If there's one thing we know about today's manga fans, it's that being raised on the internet has made them a very impatient lot. 041b061a72

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