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Waterproof Casel

Carry and store your tactical gear with the peace of mind only CobraTec can offer. Protect your EDC kit with this durable waterproof case. Like all CobraTec products, this case is backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Waterproof Casel

Available only at Apple, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods Special Edition completely protects and secures your AirPods so you can take them anywhere. This stylish, waterproof, and drop proof case is made of soft and durable silicone and includes a premium lightweight carabiner for attaching it to your bag or belt loop.

\n Available only at Apple, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods Special Edition completely protects and secures your AirPods so you can take them anywhere. This stylish, waterproof, and drop proof case is made of soft and durable silicone and includes a premium lightweight carabiner for attaching it to your bag or belt loop.\n

This RGD compound bow case fits most modern parallel limbed bows in a durable, waterproof exterior shell, rugged, floating case made of 500D PVC featuring a water-resistant zippered enclosure that protects against dust light rain, snow, and indirect water.

Having gotten the IPhone X, I knew that I needed a super durable waterproof case which fit my phone without having to force in or out! The Sport Bag is absolutely perfect whether I am on the lake, the beach or at the pool! Plus, the caveat is that, not only does this case protect my phone, it allows me to carry some essentials that normally find their way to the bottom of a beach bag- never to be seen again! Thank you, ugo, for making such a quality much as I spend on my cellphone, I want it protected and my blue Sport Bag certainly does the job!

The WP-DC55 waterproof case allows you to take great underwater shots and be worry-free during inclement weather. Dustproof and waterproof up to 130ft (40m). Supplied accessories include a neck strap and silicone grease.

Out of the box, OtterBox recommends testing the waterproof seal of the Fre Series case. You can do this by filling a sink with water and setting something on top of it to keep the case submerged for about 30 minutes. If the inside is water-free after the test, it should be ready to use on your iPhone.

Compared to simpler and more generic options for waterproofing, this OtterBox Fre Series case feels much more premium in every way. At $99, it's a pricey investment, but the cost may be easier to swallow if you're using your phone near water frequently.

After turning off the shower and drying the outside of the waterproof case, the initial results looked good. We could see no signs of water entering the case. Opening it up, there is some water that collected in the clasp area, but outside of the case. At the end of the shower test, the paper towel was completely dry. No water entered the phone compartment of the case.

To further test, we wanted to submerge the case completely under water. We filled a bathtub with approximately six inches of water. For reference, the Amazon listing claims waterproof capability up to 100 feet.

Once sealed up, we first tested the touchscreen. To our surprise, it worked perfectly. Every touch was registered, just as if we were using the phone outside of the waterproof case. Having a layer of plastic between your finger and the touchscreen is different and takes some getting used to before you feel proficient in using it. As well, any buttons on the sides or top of the phone will be harder to press with the phone case in the way.

The AngelSense GPS Tracking Device is water-resistant and can withstand being splashed with water or being attached to wet clothing. We also offer waterproof options to further protect your device. These can be purchased separately and included in your initial order or at a later time through the AngelSense Store in the app along with our other Wearing Options.

The waterproof protective pouch has a magnetic closure and is ideal for older children; however there are creative wearing solutions for younger children as well. It can be securely attached to clothing, inside pockets, bags, belts, etc.

Your Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, and Beats Fit Pro earbuds are sweat and water resistant*, but not sweatproof or waterproof. If the earbuds of your Beats wireless earphones come into contact with liquid, including sweat from a workout, wipe them down with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

The Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, and Beats Fit Pro charging cases are not waterproof, sweatproof, sweat resistant, or water resistant, so be careful not to get moisture in any openings. Before you place your Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, or Beats Fit Pro earbuds in the charging case, make sure that your earbuds and charging case are clean, dry, and free of dust.

The Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch is a simple and universal waterproof case that fits phones up to seven inches long. This pouch is waterproof up to 100 feet, and features a quick snap and clip closure for easy insertion and removal. There's an adjustable lanyard that can hang around your neck or across your chest for a secure hold. The best thing about this case is that it floats, protecting you from losing your phone if you drop it.

The Diverbox Waterproof Phone Case is a tough little case with an IP68 waterproof rating, and will safeguard your phone against falls from 6.6 feet. This case is made from lightweight TPU plastic materials, and comes in multiple bright colors. It also features a scratch-resistant screen protector and built-in kickstand that should be excellent for capturing group photos.

A Samsung waterproof case makes your Galaxy S9/S9+ or S10/S10+ smartphone safe to use while snorkeling in the ocean or swimming in the pool. Learn from this post why you should get a though underwater cover, what are the best ones for Galaxy models and read or our Redpepper Samsung waterproof case review!

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and also the Plus models have IP68 rating which means they can withstand sand, dirt and are submersible up to 5ft/1.5m for 30 minutes. An IP68 rated device is considered water-resistant, but not waterproof.

You can take awesome photos underwater with Samsung Galaxy phones (see below our test images) but make sure to put them in a waterproof case if you want to use them on the beach, while swimming or snorkeling in the sea to protect your pricey device from unwanted damages!

Although we have a good underwater camera that we use for taking pictures while snorkeling, we were extremely satisfied with the image quality of our Samsung smartphone on land, therefore we decided to test it underwater too. We ordered a Redpepper waterproof case to be able to take our Galaxy S9 in the sea. (Redpepper offers No products found. too)

  • Check the price on AmazonKey features of Redpepper waterproof case for Galaxyfully sealed, protects your phone even from the smallest dust particles and from water

  • withstand shocks and drops up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)

  • waterproof up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)

  • crystal clear, anti-reflective lens provides top photo and video quality

  • fully operating functions including Touch ID, wireless charging, speaker and cameras

  • sound enhancement system

Samsung Galaxy S9 underwater case testAfter putting the phone into the case following the instructions, we confirmed that all the functions work as they should. The installation was easy, the case fit properly and no restriction occurred regarding the operation of the phone.

In total, we are happy with our purchase and satisfied with our Redpepper Samsung waterproof case. We think it is definitely worth to invest in a tough protective cover to avoid everyday damages, and highly recommend the product for beach lovers and snorkelers!

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones with its curved screen need a perfectly fitting cover in order to achieve reliable protection and the Temdan waterproof case is one of the best fitting models you can get. Protect your valuable phone against shock, drops, dust and water while not compromising the usability. Keep your phone fully functioning including touch ID, lightning and audio ports, power/volume buttons.

A highly-rated Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof case is the LifeProof FRE Series. It allows you to use the phone in water up to 6.6 ft/2m for 60 minutes, moreover it seals out dirt and dust. The sturdy yet slim and lightweight construction withstands drops too from 6.6ft/2m. When the cover is on, you still have complete access to the buttons and functions such as fingerprint, heart rate sensor and all ports.

At Seawag you will find a wide collection of the best waterproof bags and cases for waterproof smartphones and tablets for any adventure. Whether your trips take you to the mountains or under the waves, our products are with you every step of the way, keeping your belongings safe, dry and secure.

This waterproof case uses an internal rubber O-ring to be firmly held shut. The package also includes three anti-fog inserts which do a great job of absorbing moisture inside the waterproof chamber. This resolves the problem of fogging. However, please note that the anti-fog inserts need to be replaced periodically.

When the camera is in Underwater Mode, the gimbal is put in a slightly downward-angled version of Tilt-Lock mode to match the waterproof case. Owing to this setting, the camera does not capture the edges of the case. Also, the Underwater Mode adjusts the various camera parameters automatically based on lighting conditions underwater.

From light splashes to full dunks underwater, a waterproof phone case can keep your cell protected when life happens. The best waterproof phone cases have an IPX8 water resistance rating, meaning they can be submerged in over 3 feet of water without sustaining damage. Some cases are also dustproof and shock-absorbent, and there are options below to fit the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and other phones up to 7 inches.

Explore waterproof cases and sleeves for laptops. The collection delivers minimal silhouettes for a range of device sizes. From compact organizers to quilted laptop bags, all constructed from signature waterproof fabrics.

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