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Buy Used Record Albums

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Buy Used Record Albums

Many of our customers remember the thrill of going to the record store and finding the new Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen or Rolling Stones album on the shelf. There was nothing quite like ripping off that cellophane and setting the record onto the turntable for the first time. Today, you can relive that experience by shopping used LP records for sale at Record Head.

Looking for that lost record from your childhood Or perhaps the one your college roommate "borrowed" and never returned Import Vinyl contains a breadth of titles not currently available in the US. From classics to obscure gems to new bands, find it here.

The Most Valuable Vinyl Record In The WorldJohn Marshall's love for old records began when he startedcollecting albums from the jukebox distributor down the street from hischildhood home. His collection grew during a 30-year career in radio, when hewould save promo records that flooded the station.

"I bought many of them purely for the love of music, notrealizing then they could be worth a lot of money down the road," he says. "It was probably in themid-70's that I became aware there was a collector's market for records."

The record falls into the category of collectible recordsknown as "Northern Soul," a term that came about several years ago whenobscure soul music from the U.S. became in high demand in northern England.

The record is legendary in rock 'n roll circles. As thestory goes, Frank Wilson, a record producer at Motown who had no interest inbeing a singer, was goaded into recording the song by Motown owner Barry Gordy.Eventually, Gordy prevailed and Wilson recorded the song, but when Gordy wantedWilson to do shows to promote it Wilson refused. After an intense argument,Gordy demanded all copies be destroyed, so the only copies known to exist arepromos sent to radio stations that bear the words "Promotional. Not For Sale."

Of course, it's not the only valuable record. As Marshallexplains, the most collectible records are those recorded by the Beatles andElvis Presley. Original stereo copies of the Beatles album Yesterday and Todaycan be worth as much as $25,000.

Joe Lauro owns,and is perhaps the world's foremost expert on shellac 78 records. He saysplayback quality varies significantly between the shellac records produced byrecord companies.

"The usage of shellac became the norm circa 1900's, andthe better the shellac, the better the sound of the record in terms of lesssurface noise," he says. "The smaller record companies that offeredexpensive records often mixed the shellac with other particles like sand orwood, and the result was a very noisy playing surface. Better companies likeColumbia and Victor used superior quality shellac and the records sounded muchbetter. The circa 1920's to early 30's Columbia and Okeh labels were thebest, as their records were laminated with a cardboard core and much purershellac playing surface."

"The most valuable are rare Delta Blues recorded circa 1929to 1932, which can run upwards of $500," Lauro says. "The most ever paid fora one-of-a-kind Delta Blues record was $50,000, but there are few people thatwould pay anywhere near that price."

Lauro says he will pay thousands of dollars for certainrecords on Paramount and other labels, but cautions: "Not all records on theselabels are of value. It's just that the rarest ones often turn up on theselabels. Value is driven by rarity and desirability. Just because it's 100years old does not make it valuable. It's a matter of what the record is."

Label variations can play a major role in record values. Forexample, an average copy of The Beatles "Yesterday and Today" is only wortharound $10; but those that carry the red Capitol label can be worth up to$10,000.

Reckless Records is a group of three record stores in Chicago IL. We carry new & used CDs, DVDs games and loads of Vinyl. Originally started in London, our first Chicago location opened in 1989. (LPs & 7"s). We would love to have yo

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