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Certainly, the number of usable IVs is much greater for the longer key lengths. And for those more paranoid, perhaps, than they should be, it may be worth noting that my roommate has a 22-port switch, which includes lots of 8-port sub-switches, which gives an IV/character ratio of 100 for 64 bit WEP. Thus, even for WEP, you can generate millions of IVs with a fair amount of effort. The crucial point is that much of the effort is devoted to creating and distributing more IVs - not to cracking them. >

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Once captured, the task of breaking WEP keys is simple. The IV is added to the known plaintext as a prefix to create a known plaintext and then the first and last bytes of the known plaintext are added to the known plaintext to create a known plaintext with the prefix added to the known plaintext. With a suitable known plaintext, cracking the key is relatively simple. The difficult part is getting WEP keys to decrypt. The Russians seem to have been very lax in their practice. For example, in People of Steppe and Streams, I was surprised to learn that the Russians had no interest in breaking WEP. They had legitimate WEP keys for their communications. I find it hard to imagine that for decades the Russians didn't investigate the value of breaking WEP - perhaps some were required to be granted access to Soviet-mined fuel supplies for emergency communications?

If the WEP key is deemed valid the attacker is denied access. This is why key cracking is never a simple brute force of all possible keys. It is a process to eliminate the bogus keys. You have to find the keys that are valid, so you create various search programs to evaluate keys. There are many tools available that will help you in this endeavor.

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