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i would recommend this scenery to anyone who is looking for a truly unique world to fly to. the scenery is very well researched, and at a glance you will see that the scenery has very little flaws, so you get a good experience when flying around this city.


but for the price the quality is really good. sbgr: so paulo/guarulhos international airport is one of brazil's largest airports, and used by many major airlines. in time of the purchase you can see the airport in full high detail or light detail.

on the other hand the airport sbsp - congonhas airport, is very small, and is one of the oldest one of brazil, and it is also very close to belo horizonte, which is one of the biggest airport in brazil. i tried to reuse few objects already in another mega scenery (made by paulo ricardo), for the approach cause was that the airport wasnt showing in a high customised way for me.

but in both cases i made the effort to make the runway lighting and border lights fully customisable and controllable from the scenery. so you can mod airports to fit your needs best. the airport modules can be turned on or off at option in the left side of the first picture.

by the way, both sceneries, come with ground effect options for the airport, and some other optio ns that you can check from the picture. the light version of guarulhos is located at a hill (b4 view), but if you choose the high version of the airport, the airport is positioned as you see in the picture, and placed in a middle of the city.

in time of the purchase, you can find the terrain and sceneries of sudam x fsx in two versions, one for the aircraft, and the other for the airport. how much aproximate is the 2-3 fps depends on the number and weight of objects you have in it.

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