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How To Download Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19 For Free NEW!

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19: The Guru - Download Link and Review

If you are a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you might be wondering how to download Book 2 Episode 19, also known as The Guru. This episode is one of the most important and exciting ones in the series, as it shows Aangs progress in mastering the four elements and his spiritual journey. In this article, we will provide you with a download link and a review of this episode.

How to Download Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19 for Free

Download Link

To download Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19, you can use the following link: This link will take you to the iTunes store, where you can purchase and download the episode for $1.99. Alternatively, you can also stream the episode on various platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Paramount+.


Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19: The Guru is a two-part episode that concludes the second season of the show. In this episode, Aang travels to the Eastern Air Temple to meet Guru Pathik, who offers to teach him how to unlock his chakras and enter the Avatar State at will. Meanwhile, Katara, Sokka, and Toph face various challenges in Ba Sing Se, where they discover a secret conspiracy by the Dai Li and Princess Azula to overthrow the Earth King. Zuko also undergoes a transformation after being healed by Iroh.

This episode is full of action, emotion, and suspense, as it sets up the stage for the final showdown between Aang and the Fire Nation. It also explores the themes of identity, destiny, and balance, as Aang has to make a difficult choice between his love for Katara and his duty as the Avatar. The episode also features some of the most memorable scenes in the series, such as Aangs visions of his past lives, Zukos confrontation with Azula, and Kataras capture by the Dai Li.

Overall, Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19: The Guru is a must-watch episode for any fan of the show. It is one of the best examples of how Avatar: The Last Airbender combines storytelling, animation, music, and humor to create a masterpiece of animation. If you havent watched it yet, we highly recommend you to download it now and enjoy it.


Did you know that Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19: The Guru has some interesting trivia behind it? Here are some facts that you might not know about this episode:

  • The Guru is voiced by Brian George, who also voiced King Bumi in Book 1.

  • The concept of chakras and their corresponding elements, colors, and locations in the body are based on Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

  • The episode features a cameo appearance by Momo, the flying lemur, who was absent for most of the season.

  • The episode was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Television Production.


Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode 19: The Guru is a brilliant episode that showcases the depth and complexity of the Avatar universe. It is a pivotal episode that changes the course of the story and the characters lives. It is also a thrilling and emotional episode that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are looking for a download link for this episode, you can use the one we provided above. Alternatively, you can also stream it on various platforms. We hope you enjoyed this article and our review of this episode. Thank you for reading. 04f6b60f66

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