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Sony Pictures Hack Was A Long Time Coming, Say Former Employees €? Fusion

Although the Ashley Madison hack generally contained less personally identifiable information than the Sony Pictures hack, the ramifications of the breach for those affected were sometimes devastating: multiple suicides were attributed to the hack, with widespread blackmailing campaigns, lost political careers, marriages, and community relationships resulting from the fallout. While there was some substantive reporting to be done on aspects of the leaked data -- for example, on the potentially inappropriate use of the service from government offices, and assessment of the fraud claims that had been made by former users -- reporting that simply plucked individuals out of the Ashley Madison databases and treated them as 'sources' for additional comment may well have done more to traumatise people who had already been victimised by the breach in the first place. And while there is no doubt that accountability reporting can sometimes have negative consequences for those whom it covers, as journalists we must make every reasonable effort to ensure that those consequences are reserved for those legitimately suspected of actual wrongdoing, and not simply on people whose choices may differ from our own.

Sony Pictures hack was a long time coming, say former employees — Fusion

Though Optimus was a master marksman, he had a personal policy against shooting directly at his opponents' bodies during his races. In one such race, he allowed his rival to take the lead so that he could use his favorite weapon, the Impact Wrench Gun, to blast the road beneath the other racer's feet, causing him to lose his balance. Transform in a gust! When GT-R Megatron burst onto the scene, roaring that all previous races had failed to "ignite his warrior's spark," Optimus readied to give him the race of a lifetime. GT-R Megatron Attacks! Like other racers, GT-R Prime attended photo shoots alongside Misaki in order to promote coexistence between humans and Transformers. The Work of the GT Sister Race Queens? When a reincarnated Unicron attacked the Transformers GT finals and absorbed the huge energon pool saved up for the final prize, Prime restored his true power by using the "Matrix In" process to recombine with Misaki. Together with the other powered up racers, he fought and defeated Unicron, saving the Earth. The True TFGT

Optimus and his Autobots were aboard the Ark, on the run from the Decepticons. With him, Optimus had what Megatron was forever seeking; the AllSpark! With the ship taking heavy damage from the Autobots' pursuers, Optimus ordered Jazz to take them into an emergency quantum jump. Jazz informed Prime that the jump would take longer to initiate than the time the Decepticons would need to board their vessel. As such, Optimus entrusted the AllSpark to Bumblebee while he and the rest of the bridge crew steeled themselves to hold off their enemies. Thanks to Starscream breaking rank in the Decepticons' formation, Optimus was able to hold back Megatron, and with Heatwave's help, repel them from the ship just as it initiated the quantum jump. However, at that moment the AllSpark tumbled off-ship, falling into the quantum tunnel and seemingly being lost for good... Angry Birds Transformers #1

In the year 1985, Optimus had sent Bumblebee to investigate Decepticon activity in Hill Valley, California, calling for a status report when the scout found himself facing off against Rumble and Ravage. After some human interlopers allowed Bumblebee to end the fight and kill Ravage, Optimus contacted him again, recalling him to the Ark. Transformers/Back to the Future #1 Over the next thirty years, the Autobots emerged as the victors of the conflict. When Rumble, having used Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine to skip ahead to 2015, witnessed this, he stole the time vehicle to retroactively win the war. Breaking into the Ark ahead of schedule, Rumble hacked into Teletraan-I and had it revive only the Decepticons. When informed of Rumble's journey, Megatron turned his fusion cannon on Optimus, executing him. Transformers/Back to the Future #2 350c69d7ab

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