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Humla Movie: How to Enjoy This Hindi Action Drama with English Subtitles

Humla Movie English Subtitles Download For Hindi

If you are a fan of Hindi movies, you might have heard of Humla, a 1992 action drama film starring Dharmendra, Anil Kapoor, Meenakshi Sheshadri, and Kimi Katkar. The movie is about two brothers who end up on opposite sides of the law and have to face each other in a deadly showdown. But what if you want to watch Humla with English subtitles? How can you find and download them? And how can you add them to the movie? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out how to enjoy Humla movie with English subtitles.

Humla Movie English Subtitles Download For Hindi

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What is Humla Movie?

Humla is a Hindi movie that was released in 1992. It was directed by N. Chandra, who also wrote the story and screenplay. The movie is a remake of the 1989 Telugu film Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu, which itself was inspired by the 1981 Hollywood film Nighthawks.

Plot summary

The movie revolves around Devkishan Sharma (Ashok Kumar), a school teacher in a small town, who has two sons: Bhawani (Dharmendra) and Shiva (Anil Kapoor). Bhawani is a rebellious and violent youth who gets involved in crime and smuggling. Devkishan disowns him and asks him to leave the house. Shiva, on the other hand, is an honest and hardworking young man who tries to find a job but fails. He decides to move to Bombay, where he meets his old friend Madanlal (Johnny Lever), who tells him that Bhawani is now a big businessman.

Shiva goes to meet Bhawani, who welcomes him warmly and offers him a job in his company. However, Shiva soon discovers that Bhawani is actually a notorious smuggler who is wanted by the police. He also falls in love with Seema (Meenakshi Sheshadri), who is Bhawani's fiancée. Before he can confront his brother, Bhawani is shot and wounded by another gangster, Jagtap (Anupam Kher), who wants to take over his business. Bhawani is hospitalized in critical condition.

Shiva decides to take over from Bhawani and fight Jagtap. But when Bhawani recovers, he is angry and asks Shiva to go back to their parents. Shiva refuses and joins forces with Jagtap, who welcomes him as he knows that he can use the brothers against each other. The movie ends with a climactic battle between Bhawani and Shiva, where they have to choose between their blood and their loyalty.

Cast and crew

The movie features some of the popular actors of the 90s Hindi cinema. Here are some of the main cast members and their roles:

  • Dharmendra as Bhawani: The elder son of Devkishan, who becomes a smuggler and a criminal.

Anil Kapoor as Shiva: The younger son of Devkishan, who becomes a rival of Bhawani. b70169992d

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