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Arma 3 Warhammer 40k Mod

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Arma 3 Warhammer 40k Mod

our mod will be a total conversion. this means that it will be a vanilla arma 3 game, but with a changed appearance, new weapons, new vehicles, new gameplay mechanics, and a different story. our mod is a step towards a 40k game with the same, or a slightly different, feel and atmosphere as vanilla arma 3. we want to make the best possible experience that can be had in the vanilla game. you will have the feeling that you are playing in a game that is different from the original, and that you are playing in the 40k universe. you will be able to make your own story and follow your own path.

a 40k game can be played only if we change the mechanics of vanilla arma 3 to be more consistent with 40k, in order to give the players an experience they are used to. we have already done a lot of work on this, and we are currently implementing the last, and maybe the most important, bits of our mod.

we are going to keep the servers and servers on, but we will also keep the servers open for everyone, and we will make a full conversion of the vanilla arma 3 game in a short period of time. we are going to show the world that the 40k universe can be played in the vanilla game.

yes, they have even made a music video in the game for the song celestial wings (which is amazing, and you can listen to it on youtube). it has been one of the most interesting moments of my career. on the one hand, i think it's a beautiful thing to have such a large modding community supporting a game like arma 3 and turning it into a game that's even more fun to play. on the other hand, it's a bit scary, because you have so much content and it's not all of great quality. the key word is community. we can't take care of everything ourselves. 3d9ccd7d82

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