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Spyder 4 Pro Serial 11

After calibration, the calibration software displays the ICC profile in the top right. This profile can be saved to your computer and saved to the SpyderX unit, allowing you to use it on other monitors. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to save the profile without a connection to the computer. This seems like an error in the software, but even if the software wasnt that bad about saving, I found the process of editing the ICC profile could be quite confusing and misleading at first.

Spyder 4 Pro Serial 11

While the SpyderX Pro software is fairly easy to use, I did have a few problems with it. When I first plugged the i1 into my PC, the software wouldnt recognize the graphics card for some reason. I had to use another monitor to verify that the i1 was plugged in before running the calibration. It also will not allow you to run the calibration once the calibration is complete. This is fine for calibrating the monitor when starting a new session, but I found when it came to a set up like mine where I calibrate my computer, I have to manually reset the calibration each time after calibrating. Perhaps with a smarter software, this could be avoided.

On the other hand, the SpyderX software displays a set of ICC calibration targets in a simple color wheel. Rather than selecting a custom white point using the software, I manually adjusted the whitepoint on the i1, which in my case, set the monitor to 6600K. Even though the hardware is storing the ICC profile, the calibration software seems to be readying the ICC profile for the user, and in my case, I needed to adjust the colors with the software.

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