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How To Buy Reading Glasses Over The Counter


How To Buy Reading Glasses Over The Counter

For the vast majority of people, over-the-counter (OTC) readers should not be a problem as long as they match the power of the prescription. For instance, if your doctor recommends +2.00 in each eye, then purchasing OTC readers of the same power should generally suffice.

Yes. For example, you may have contact lenses to help correct an astigmatism and a pair of readers for reading. This is helpful, as you would otherwise need to switch between two pairs of glasses or between contacts and prescription glasses.

Because presbyopia is caused by age-related changes to the lens of the eye, it isn't preventable or reversible. But experts say that the right pair of reading glasses, including those readily available at retailers like a dollar store or pharmacy, can help bring small print and other objects, like your smartphone screen, back into focus.

Another thing to keep in mind is the activity you'll be using the reading glasses for. Working on the computer, for example, typically takes place at a greater distance than reading a book, and thus requires a lower strength.

The over-the-counter route isn't right for everyone, Reynolds says, including people who have astigmatism (meaning the eye's cornea or lens isn't perfectly round) and those who need a different strength for each eye. In those cases, prescription reading glasses from the eye doctor are a better option.

The most popular choice of prescription reading glasses are progressive lenses, Reynolds says. They combine multiple prescriptions in one lens, with a gradual top-to-bottom change, allowing someone to wear just one pair of glasses to correct far-away, middle-distance and up-close vision.

For people who otherwise have no vision problems, Andreoli says that reading-glass lenses that are clear (nonprescription) on top are another popular option available from the eye doctor. They can be worn continuously and eliminate the need to take your reading glasses on and off throughout the day.

Prescription reading glasses are more expensive than their OTC counterparts, but may be covered by vision insurance. Expenses, including lenses, frames and the exam, can also be paid for with funds from a flexible spending account or health savings account.

Reading sunglasses for enjoying a paperback at the beach are now widely available. Berry recommends getting polarized lenses, which block UV light as well as light that reflects from flat surfaces such as roads and water, so they enhance vision and minimize squinting due to glare and reflections. Nonprescription bifocal sunglasses, with reading magnification notched into the bottom of otherwise unmagnified lenses, will let you use the sunglasses for all your outdoor activities.

We could have been fortunate enough in our early years not to require glasses. Then when we reach over 40 we start to develop what the opticians call presbyopic eyes: this means the lens in your eyes loses some flexibility. As a result, it becomes harder to focus on close objects. Small print can seem blurred or even indecipherable. It may, therefore, be more difficult to do close work such as sewing or drawing as well as reading either printed text or on a screen.

As we age, the lens in our eye loses some of its flexibility. As a result, it becomes harder to focus on close objects. Small print can seem blurred or even indecipherable. It may be more difficult to do close work like reading or drawing. if you are nearsighted, you may have to take off your glasses to read the paper or the menu. Difficulty refocusing at close range is known as presbyopia, literally "elder vision."

The quick and most inexpensive way to correct close vision (presbyopia) caused by aging is to buy ready-made reading glasses. That is two magnifying lenses of the same strength mounted in an eyeglass frame. The magnification range we offer at Glens is from +1.50 to +2.50 and this includes the availability of quarter step strength options.


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