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Boruto: Naruto the Movie - The Ultimate Guide for Naruto Fans

konohamaru and the rest of the village watch the fight from the stands, as naruto is fighting boruto. boruto tells naruto that if he can't stop him, he will be the one to finish off his father. boruto then finishes off the demon fox by releasing the nine-tailed demon fox within him. naruto tells boruto to live and tells him that he will be waiting for him at the village. boruto tells naruto that he will be his father. naruto then tells boruto to become the hokage and look after his father.

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while the other members of the medical ninja team are waiting to be called to the battlefield, naruto, sasuke, and boruto sit together and discuss their training. boruto reveals his abilities, which naruto and sasuke already knew, but tells them that he was able to create a rasengan due to the jinchuriki of kyuubi inside him. after the battlefield was declared cleared, boruto and the other medical ninja made their way towards boruto's designated area, where he saw sasuke. after boruto and sasuke fought, sasuke commented how boruto managed to make a huge rasengan in one day, which infuriated boruto. boruto's rage comes from the fact that he was unable to defeat sasuke's rasengan and that he had been worried for a long time about losing to sasuke. later on, boruto expresses his displeasure to sasuke, who tells him that he is getting too cocky and no longer needs to be afraid.

later on, after watching naruto and sasuke fight, boruto and naruto sit together as the two talk about their childhood. boruto explains he wants to become strong like naruto, but naruto tells boruto to continue being a happy child. this infuriates boruto, who points out that he was happy when sasuke was sent to live with the akatsuki. after a few moments, naruto notices boruto's kote and points it out to him, and he tells boruto he was worried for him. boruto explains that he needed sasuke to see what he can become, as he had the same dream to become strong. as they walk back to the battlefield, boruto tells naruto that he is no longer sasuke's student, and that he is the student now.

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