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OCT. 23 - DEC 10, 2020

Pitch a business idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $1500 in cash prizes

MVP Award Annoucements

We would like to thank our contestants and our community for participating in our MVP Competition! Whether you submitted a pitch or were one of the 2,000+ people that voted for their fan favourite, thank you for coming together (even if it’s virtually!) to celebrate our student entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for our next pitch competition in the Winter 2021 term!


Scroll down to view the winning pitch videos and all of our 2020 contestant pitches.

MVP 2020



















MVP 2020

Business Pitch Videos


What is the MVP?

Our fall pitch competition has finally arrived, and this year we are very excited to present the competition in a new online virtual format.


This year participants will submit a pre-recorded VIDEO PITCH showcasing their best business idea for a chance to win a maximum of $1500.

This will ensure everyone involved can participate safely from their homes.

Let's get into the details...

Your business idea must have a foreseeable commercial impact (ie. an idea that can make $$$ in some way) and it must fall into one of two categories:


A Product


A Service / Technology

The top pitches we receive will be judged by a panel of Fanshawe College staff, entrepreneurs, and community members.


There will be a winner awarded in each category, plus a “Fan Favourite” will be selected based on the highest number of votes received during the online voting period of December 1st - 10th at 11:59 pm

Submit your pitch between...

October 23 - November 29

Online voting is open from...

December 1 - December 10

Find out who won on...

December 14

How Do I Register?

It's easy!


Step 1


Record a 60 - 90 second video of you pitching your idea

Step 2

Fill in the Video Release Form

Step 3

Fill in the Registration Form


Am I Eligible?

  1. All participants must be current students of Fanshawe College

  2. All people in a pitch video must submit a signed Video/Photography release for the pitch to be considered

  3. All pitches must comply with the Student Code of Conduct

  4. All videos must comply with current London/Middlesex Public Health Guideline, specifically surrounding COVID-19

Fanshawe College is committed to equity, value diversity, and welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds.


Fanshawe College provides accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If an applicant requires an accommodation during the MVP Competition process the Entrepreneurial Curator and Accessibility Services will work with the applicant to meet the applicant's accommodation needs. Please allow ample time for interpretation services.  Request it early.


Please contact for more information.

How do I win?

All MVP pitches are to be targeted to your customer and must include the following:

  1. A description of your idea or business

  2. The opportunity, problem or need your idea or business solves is motioned

  3. The target customer is identified

  4. The benefits or value-add to your customer of your idea or business is shared

  5. How your idea or business is unique is mentioned

  6. A clear “ask” is made

Check out our Judge Scoring Sheet




In order to ensure your video can be shared, we will require all videos to meet the technical specifications below.

  1. Your video must be between 60 and 90 seconds long

  2. Your video must not contain any copyrighted music, photos, or videos without permission

  3. Your video must be 500 MB or less

  4. Your video must be submitted as an .MP4, MPEG or AVI format

  5. You must include a signed Video/Photo Release Form with your video submission.​

If you have questions about your video file please email​


Create an

Awesome Pitch

Need some tips and tricks to help you PERFECT YOUR PITCH? Check out our presentation and resources below to give you the upper hand.

Perfecting Your Pitch.png

Examples from the Pros

Examples from

Leap Junction Clients

Other Helpful Resources


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